What would you recommend for the

What do you recommend me to do in the meanwhile? You can input terms like, "movies that have gangsters" or "films that show Chris Farley yelling" and the site will return films that match your query. What would you recommend me to do? I am trying to decide if I should even try getting a DAS pass for my mom.

That's OK too - spend every precious moment you can with her. Reichheld has been studying customer loyalty for most of his year career and has long been fascinated by companies like Intuit and Harley-Davidson, which possess an uncanny ability to understand--and continually improve--the way they serve customers.

I've got a twisted ankle yesterday and now I have to take a rest for three weeks. What would you recommend me to do, to see, to visit in Paris in May?

Top 10 movie recommendation engines

If the answer is no, find out why. The biggest gripe was that they could never get through to a live operator when they had a problem. Check now One of our experts will proofread your English. I wish for you the most magical, loving trip you can have.

This is not the case for us. According to a system called Net Promoter Score, all it takes to measure and improve customer satisfaction is to ask one question: Speaking of a wheelchair But the site goes well beyond a simple results page. Those who respond with nines and tens are considered "promoters"; sevens and eights are "passives"; and everyone else is a "detractor.

It's partially work, partially a vacation.

What do you recommend me to do?

It's a great way for people who don't have time to rate movies to find some films worth watching. Not just the logistics of the clean-up which still haunt me to this day but just to see someone so afraid to go to the bathroom.— Peter Kaminsky, New York Times, 24 Nov.

you feel as if you've left the world behind, down below, and that the only way to rejoin it is to let go and plummet straight down. Erice is not the first place I'd recommend to the acrophobic.

What would you recommend - DAS?

"We recommend you to buy a new car." This is fine, but probably doesn't mean what you think it means. This means that we think the right person to buy a new car is you.

It means, essentially, "If you asked us who should buy a new car, we would recommend you." "We recommend to you to buy a. Jan 06,  · that's the minimum ram and that ssd is very small. if you're not adding must to your computer and doing nothing complex/large in animate, that will work, but i wouldn't use that.

On this episode of ‘Ask A Trainer’ we speak with LA Fitness Pro Results® trainer Stone T.

‘The Ultimate Question’: Would Your Customers Recommend You?

and get his advice on how long is an optimal amount of time to spend in the sauna. In other words, some 8, of the clients surveyed were detractors and probably would not recommend IPower to their friends. "It was eye-opening," Gorny says. Mar 19,  · Top 10 movie recommendation engines If you don't know what to watch Friday night, look no further than this list of the top movie recommendation engines on the Web.

They all offer something different.

What would you recommend for the
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